Structural Engineers Perth

Structural Engineering in Western Australia

Constructive Building Consultants are Structural Engineers in Perth. Our technical expertise and decades of experience allow us to help you design your building, by calculating the loads and stresses the construction will have to safely withstand. Our Professional structural engineers will work closely with your team to ensure your project is structurally sound, while staying true to your design vision. From complex landscaping plans, all the way through to luxury multi-storey homes homes and apartments, our structural engineers provide the know-how to get your project underway and completed as efficiently as possible.

We’ve helped engineer everything from car washes to medical centres, service stations, retail stores, play centres and warehouses. We use design analysis and the latest software to create clear, easy to interpret structural drawings, details and notes. This information determines the types of building materials that will be required, along with any necessary support beams, columns, and foundations. The next step is usually to investigate and survey the building site, to determine whether the earth is suitable for the requirements of your product.

Communication is Key

Throughout any project, our structural engineers co-ordinate and consult with everyone from engineers, to environmental scientists, architects, landscape architects and government bodies. We’ll take the stress out of your project by communicating clearly with you and your team at every step of the way. While you have the vision of how you want your building to look and serve those using it, our structural engineers solve any technical problems, ensuring the result will be safe and durable for many decades to come. Whether you’re planning a warehouse, factory, industrial, retail, or high-end residential project, we’ll be there from the very start to ensure your design is not only safe, but also cost-effective.

Our services include the following:

  • Structural design and certification.
  • Structural inspections.
  • Dilapidation reports.
  • Geotechnical engineering.
  • Stormwater design.