What is building certification and why is it important?


Building certification is what  Constructive Building Consultants do every day. We are Professional Building certifiers in Western Australia.

What is building certification?

Building certification is the process of having a building inspected and approved by a registered building surveyor.  This process can be applied to both new and existing buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and anything that is considered a building by the Building Code of Australia.

It is important because it ensures that your building meets all the safety requirements set out in the Building Code of Australia. This code sets out minimum standards for construction projects and must be complied with in order to ensure the safety of occupants and workers. The code covers a wide range of areas, including fire safety, structural stability, waterproofing and sanitation.

Building certification is also important because it provides assurance to property buyers that the building has been inspected and approved by a qualified professional. It can also help to reduce insurance premiums for property owners.

It is important for you to comply with all statutory requirements associated with new and existing buildings, because if you don’t, then you are breaking the law.

What types of building certifications are required by the BCA?

  • Certificate of Design Compliance BA3
  • Certificate of Construction Compliance BA17
  • Certificate of Building Compliance BA18

These certifications are required at different times and stages and need to be done correctly. Each one of these will be discussed in depth in our next blog.



Who is a registered building certifier?

A registered building certifier is a building surveyor –  a qualified professional who is authorised to carry out building certification. They must be registered with the Building Commission in order to carry out this work.

What does a building surveyor do?

Building Surveyors certify both new and existing buildings for all sorts of sectors.

Here are the responsibilities of a building surveyor:

  •  Certifying the design of new building work to state it will meet the applicable building standards.
  •  Certifying that the new building has been built in accordance with the specified plans and specifications.
  •  Certifying that existing buildings meet the applicable building standards for temporary or permanent changes of use or classification, or when a building is being strata titled or retrospectively approved.
  •  Certifying that the building in its current form is safe to occupy and use in the way proposed. Owners or applicants can either engage a private building surveyor or seek the services of a building surveyor employed by a local government that provides certification services.

What is the building certification process?

The process of building certification in Western Australia involves the building certifier inspecting the construction project to make sure it complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). They will also assess any other relevant Australian Standards that apply to the project. Once the building certifier is satisfied that the project meets all the required standards, they will issue a certificate of compliance.

If you are planning a construction project, it is important to make sure that you engage a qualified and experienced builder to carry out the work, but even more importantly, you should also make sure that all the necessary permits and approvals are in place before work begins. Finally, you should have the project inspected by a registered building certifier to ensure that it meets all the required safety standards.

What other types of certifications and compliance assessments can be done by a building surveyor?

Building surveyors are professionals who are able to carry out a range of certifications and compliance assessments. Besides building certification, which is their core specialty, you will need energy rating assessments, thermal performance assessments, accessibility audits and more. It makes sense to use these professionals for all of your compliance needs.

Building certification is an important process that all buildings must undergo to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia. So if you are planning a construction project, doing renovations on your building, or are buying a new property – make sure to engage a qualified and registered building certifier to guide you on what you need to make sure you comply with the ever-changing and complex requirements for buildings in Western Australia.

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